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Access Security



for your Family and your Home

access security systems

Now you can relax and enjoy your family

with the assurance that your home is being

protected while you are away.

access security systems  was originally founded for the purpose of providing BETTER more PERSONAL SERVICE for our customers.  Bobby Graham and I, Jana Davis have worked for a few very large security companies.  We became very very frustrated that we could not facilitate our customers with installation or billing problems.  We had no ability to "bend" the rules to help people with special needs.  We witnessed older people being abused and taken advantage of, young couples being saddled with high monitoring costs that they couldn't afford, and customers still not being able to get the proper installation that they deserved. 
Our pledge is to make sure our customers are treated with the individual courtesy from our sales staff, installers, monitoring operators, and from Bobby and I.
A  lways there for you.
C  ontrolling access to your home/business with
C  ourteous sales staff, installers, & monitoring operators.
E  xpanding your awareness for
S  afety to protect your family.
S  atisfaction is our goal.